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As a Hospitality Realtor and Consultant, I partner with my clients to deliver their desired result by SELLING their Inn for the best possible price. 

The experience and expertise of a professional Consultant and Realtor will help you develop a clear vision of the process.  The results will be a sale that skips the annoying surprises- because many are unfamiliar with selling a business, establishing confidentiality and evaluating cash flows, financing issues and regulatory restrictions. 

Professional advice will enable you to focus on materializing your dream of selling your Inn.

4 QUESTIONS to ask before Selling your Inn


  1. Can you provide the last 3 years of Profit & Loss Statements plus 3 years Tax Returns?
  2. What are the key selling points of your Inn?
  3. Are there upgrades or improvements that should be made before listing? 
  4. Are you ready to Sell your Inn?

Call me today to discuss Exit Strategies and how our marketing plan will attract the right buyers for your Inn.

You need a professional to market your property and your business, as well.  I offer sellers assistance designed to educate and facilitate the sales process.


This is what sets me apart from the rest, I understand the Hospitality Business and can help you position your property in the most advantageous way to potential buyers.  The goal is to sell your business and property.