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ADA Interpretations

Recently I received a telephone call regarding the ADA requirements for a Bed and Breakfast with less than 5 guest rooms where the owner lives on the premises.  The Federal ADA Laws specifically states that this type of establishment is not required to have a Handicapped accessible guest room.

Now, this is where the confusion lies.  In most counties, this law means that you do not have to have a handicap parking space.  When you operate a Bed and Breakfast, the State requires you to have an individual parking space for each guest room, plus one more.  If you are not required to have a Handicap Room, why would they require you to have a handicap parking space?  Most counties realize this, but others still require the handicap parking space, which creates confusion from place to place and also requires additional expense on the part of the owner.  

ADA clearly does not intend to put this additional expense on small, tiny establishments, but the local municipalities interpret this law different and therefore sometimes add this requirement where I don't think the law intended.