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Kitchen Layouts

I'm currently working with someone to help establish a new restaurant.  As in many ventures, there are so many decisions to make simultaneously in order for all to fall into place in a timely fashion.  The most important factor in the beginning is to have a clear vision of what you want.  What do you have in mind and how do you want it to work.  There are so many people in your life, friends, family, associates, etc. who want to tell you how to do things when these well meaning people have no idea of the logistics of what you are trying to accomplish, nor do they know how the local and state zoning, health, fire safety regulations, licensing requirements entail.  

My advice is to keep in mind your vision, and don't be afraid to be creative or different in what you would like to present to the public.  Whether you are creating a Bed and Breakfast with a kitchen, or one with a restaurant, or even just a restaurant.  Use your imagination and keep the "wow factor" in mind.

Good Luck