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Realtor/Consultant Disclaimer

Hospitality Properties For Sale and its representatives believe that the information herein is reliable,  but it has not been independently verified nor guaranteed.  Information is subject to change without notice.  There may be additional information available to a purchaser from other sources.  Purchasers should exercise all due diligence they feel necessary and should not rely solely on the information contained herein for the success of any future or contemplative business venture.

Non-Disclosure of Material

The information contained herein is of a sensitive nature.  The owners of the property and business do not want this information to be shared with anyone other than for legal and/or tax advisors; this information is being released on the understanding that it will not be reproduced or disseminated without written permission of the Broker or Consultant/Realtor and only after agreeing in writing, to maintain the confidentiality of the information. 

Non Disclosure Agreement to be Signed on line: Non-Disclosure Agreement